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Creative Thinking Prompt: How Will You Fill Your Cornucopia?


Creative Thinking Prompt: How will you fill your cornucopia?

Cornucopias are common symbols of the Earth’s harvest and abundance. Shaped like a horn, it is filled to the brim with fruits and vegetables of the season. Originally from Greek mythology, the goat’s horn, which nourished Zeus, never went dry. Later Zeus put the goat’s image in the sky, now known as constellation Capricorn. This story is one of many that surrounds the cornucopia. “Cornu” means “horn” in Latin.

Play Roll A Cornucopia, a free game from 3 Dinosaurs. Then invent your own cornucopia game. What will you fill your cornucopia with?



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Think Deeper: What else can a cornucopia be used for?

The Monsters’ Monster


The Monsters’ Monster”

Every day, three little rascals, Grooch, Grump, Gloom’n’Doom, argue about who is the biggest, baddest monster. To settle their argument, they bring to life the biggest, baddest monster ever.



Instead of creating mayhem like the rascals enjoy doing, the monster shows them how powerful gratitude is.

This story promotes inventiveness, creativity and following one’s heart.

TITLE: The Monsters’ Monster

AUTHOR: Patrick McDonnell

ILLUSTRATOR: Patrick McDonnell

PUBLISHER: Little Brown and Company, 2012


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: inventiveness, creativity and following one’s heart


1) Write a story about a monster who searches for the best tasting plate of spaghetti. What obstacles might your monster face? When she or he finally finds the spaghetti, what happens unexpectedly?

2) Invent your own version of Frankenstein or another type of monster. Name your monster. How does your monster act? Why does s/he behave like that? What does your monster want? Where does your monster live? Who is your monster’s best friend?


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Creative Thinking Prompt: A Catching Net


Creative Thinking Prompt: A Catching Net

The purpose of a net is to catch things. What type of things could I catch with a net? Brainstorm a list of ways that a net is used. Invent a special net to catch an imaginary creature. Sketch what your net looks like and how it works. What type of material is your net made from? How big or small is your net? Is it a particular color? Why?

Think Deeper: What other purpose could your invented net be used for?