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Creative Thinking Prompt: Metamorphosis Art

Metamorphosis Art


Metamorphosis art consists of sequential drawings, photos, etc. depicting the evolution of one object into another representational.


Creative Thinking Prompt:  Try your hand at creating metamorphosis art. Choice an object or animal that you’d like to morph. Your choice could be an animal that transforms into an object or an object transforming into an animal. Think about what changes your object would go through as it evolves into its final stage of transformation. As you sketch the transformational stages of your object, your final stage may turn into something other than you had originally planned. That is okay because the art process is fluid.

Think Deeper:  Find images of metamorphosis art. What message is the artist conveying through his/her transmutation choices? What connections can be made between the final stage of the transformation and the first stage of the transformation? What other final transformations could you image the original object being?

To view the hand to rabbit metamorphosis art, visit http://fav.me/drnl0a

To view the fish to eye metamorphosis art, visit http://tnhsart.blogspot.com/2013/12/metamorphosis.html