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A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG

“A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG”

Silly word game + barnyard = picture book entertainment

First you get a two-word clue. Then you think of two words that mean the same thing but also rhyme.

Try your hand at guessing the answers!

This book promotes creative components of humor and flexible thinking,

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because it makes the reader think in a different way through word play and connects readers to nature through photography.

TITLE: A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG: A Rhyming Word Game

AUTHOR: Francis McCall

ILLUSTRATOR: Patricia Keeler

PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books, 2002


TOPIC(S): rhyming words, animals

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: humor, flexible thinking


1) Invent your own silly word game using a different setting.

2) Take a picture and make up a silly riddle to accompany your image.


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To learn more about author/illustrator Patricia Keeler, visit:https://patriciakeeler-author-illustrator.com/artwork/4542894-BIOGRAPHY.html

Animal Camouflage

“Animal Camouflage: Search and Find”

Intro: Welcome to an animal adventure that will take you all around the world.

Inside the nature scenes of paper-cutting artist Sarah Dennis, readers will find animal characters that represent seven regions of the world. Before beginning the animal search, learn about the animals.

Now it’s time to search for the animals!

How many Asian animals did you find? Check out this book to discover additional animals from New Zealand, South America, the North Pole, and more.

This book promotes creative components of discovery and nature.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because it teaches readers about animals from around the world in a playful, engaging manner.

TITLE: Animal Camouflage: Search and Find

AUTHOR: Sam Hutchinson


PUBLISHER: Princeton Architectural Press, 2017


TOPIC(S): animals, habitats

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: discovery, nature


1) What’s your favorite animal? Spend some time researching it and its habitat. Then, using your research, draw your animal in its habitat in such a way as to hide your animal for others to search and find.

2) Try your hand at kirigami, which involves paper folding and cutting with scissors.


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Before After

“Before After”

Before After, a wordless book of opposites, elevates opposite storytelling to another level. This book gives readers pause to think as they digest the cause and effect relationship between the before and after pictures.

This nice thick book offers lots of pairings to explore.

This book promotes creative components of nature, cause and effect, and originality.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because it is not your typical opposite book and makes readers think about what happened that caused the after picture. This book would provide great discussions between child and caregiver as they read the pictures together.

TITLE: Before After

ILLUSTRATORS: Anne-Margot Ramstein and Matthias Arégui 

PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2014


TOPIC(S): cause and effect

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: original, nature


1) Draw a picture of one of your favorite things in nature. This will be your before picture. Think about what different things can happen to your nature item. Pick one and draw your after picture. Share with a friend.

2) Let’s work backwards or do the reverse by first drawing the after picture and then drawing the before picture of another favorite nature item.

3) Pick a plant, animal, or tree. Next draw its life cycle in stages.


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