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Birds of a Feather: Bowerbirds and Me

“Birds of a Feather: Bowerbirds and Me”

Bowerbirds live in Australia. Author/illustrator Susan L. Roth lives in New York. One is a bird. One is a human. What could these two possibly have in common? LOTS!

In this book, readers will discover how art imitates nature and how nature imitates art. Susan L. Roth’s collage technique illustrates the commonalities that she shares with bowerbirds while educating the reader about the bowerbird and her creative process. In the end, they both create colorful works of art using objects they find and collect in their natural habitats.

This book promotes creative components of nature, creative process, and being a creative person.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  Often times, creative people look to nature for inspiration. I like this book because it compares two unlikely subjects, a person and a bird, to find commonalities in the creative process of creating. 

TITLE: Birds of a Feather: Bowerbirds and Me

AUTHOR: Susan L. Roth


PUBLISHER: Neal Porter Books, 2019


TOPIC(S): bower birds, nature, an artist’s process

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: nature, creative person, creative process


1) With what animal do you share common traits? Use scissors or your fingers to tear colorful paper into pieces. Arrange these pieces to form your chosen animal and glue them onto a fresh sheet of paper.

2) Take a few moments to observe a tree. In what three ways are you and the tree similar? 


To learn more about author/illustrator Susan L. Roth, visit:



The Snow Rabbit

“The Snow Rabbit”

In this wordless picture book, two sisters watch the falling snow and an adventure begins.

One sister ventures outside to build a snow rabbit. She carries it back inside to share with her sister. When the rabbit begins to melt, the sisters head outside.

As soon as the rabbit feels the cold snow, it hops away. The sisters chase it further into the dark woods where the wheelchair gets stuck in the deep snow.

Scared, they huddle together until a larger-than-life white rabbit springs towards them. Read the book to discover this heartfelt ending.

The cut-paper illustrations are so beautifully crafted that no text is needed to tell this story, only a reader’s imagination.

This book promotes creative components of imagination and compassion.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because its paper-crafted illustrations seamlessly tell a story while allowing the reader’s imagination to “read” the story.

TITLE: The Snow Rabbit

AUTHOR: Camille Garoche

ILLUSTRATOR: Camille Garoche

PUBLISHER: Enchanted Lion Books, 2015


TOPIC(S): winter, sibling relationship, wordless

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: imagination, empathy


1) Create your own snow rabbit using only paper and scissors. 

2) Make paper snowflakes. For easy instructions, visit https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/seasons/winter/paper-snowflakes/

3) Try your hand at making an origami rabbit by visiting https://www.origami-resource-center.com/easy-origami-rabbit.html.


To learn more about author/illustrator Camille Garoche, visit:


A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG

“A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG”

Silly word game + barnyard = picture book entertainment

First you get a two-word clue. Then you think of two words that mean the same thing but also rhyme.

Try your hand at guessing the answers!

This book promotes creative components of humor and flexible thinking,

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  I like this book because it makes the reader think in a different way through word play and connects readers to nature through photography.

TITLE: A Huge Hog Is A BIG PIG: A Rhyming Word Game

AUTHOR: Francis McCall

ILLUSTRATOR: Patricia Keeler

PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books, 2002


TOPIC(S): rhyming words, animals

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: humor, flexible thinking


1) Invent your own silly word game using a different setting.

2) Take a picture and make up a silly riddle to accompany your image.


To learn more about author/illustrator Francis McCall, visit:


To learn more about author/illustrator Patricia Keeler, visit:https://patriciakeeler-author-illustrator.com/artwork/4542894-BIOGRAPHY.html