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Once upon a time there were two kinds – rabbits and birds. 

One day a new kind hatched – both rabbit and bird.

But the rabbits and birds decide that he is neither a rabbit or a bird. Neither flies away to the Land of All where no one is the same.

A rabbit and a bird show up in the Land of All. Will they be accepted?

This story promotes creative components of perspective, individuality, and parts to whole.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I like this book because it celebrates diversity in a kid-friendly manner.

TITLE: Neither

AUTHOR: Airlie Anderson

ILLUSTRATOR: Airlie Anderson

PUBLISHER: Little, Brown and Company, 2018


TOPIC(S): belonging, diversity, acceptance

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: perspective, individuality, parts to whole


1) Create the character Neither using a marshmallow candy chick and a marshmallow candy rabbit. Then try mixing it up by using candy to create a new character whose appearance would put it in a “Neither” category.

2)  Find an image from a magazine that represents friendship. With permission, cut out the image. Next cut the images into puzzle pieces. Have a friend put your puzzle together.


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Drawn from Nature

Drawn from Nature”

Drawn from Nature, a beautifully crafted nonfiction picture book, combines illustrative text and artwork. Travel through a year of changing seasons with Helen Ahpornsiri’s art of transformed leaves, petals, and seeds into newly hatched ducklings, nut stashing squirrels, and bud-studded trees.


This story promotes creative components of nature, imagination, unique, parts to whole, and combination.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK:  As a fan of arranging items in an unexpected way, I appreciate Helen Ahpornsiri’s ability to envision the placement of pressed flowers and leaves to masterfully create animals. Her intricate artwork combined with interesting, in-depth explanations of nature, animals, and the seasons makes for a beautifully informative children’s book.

TITLE: Drawn From Nature

ILLUSTRATOR: Helen Ahpornsiri

PUBLISHER: Big Picture Press, 2018


THEME(S)/TOPICS: nature, seasons, shapes

CREATIVE COMPONENTS: nature, imagination, combination, unique, parts to whole


1) What is your favorite season? List 10 reasons why it’s your favorite season. Use these reasons to create a song or poem that describes your season. In your song or poem, do not use the word of your chosen season. Instead, see if someone can guess what season you are writing about.


Illustrator Artist Helen Ahpornsiri uses white space to evoke wonder within her collages. What do you imagine when you see this owl?

3) Illustrator Artist Helen Ahpornsiri uses real flowers and foliage, which are foraged or grown, then preserved with traditional flower-pressing methods to create her art. To create a collage, pick an animal that lives in or near your town. Next, choose an unusual medium such as pasta noodles, beans, or pebbles. Sort out the different shapes and colors of your medium. Sketch out your animal design. Using your medium, arrange and rearrange pieces to create your animal collage.


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