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Creative Thinking Prompt: A Stone’s Story

Creative Thinking Prompt: A Stone’s Story


Upside-down trees swingin’ free,

Busses float and buildings dangle:

Now and then it’s nice to see

The world from a different angle.

-By Shel Silverstein

This poem had me imaging an upside-down world. I wondered what the trees would be reaching for and what forces kept the heavy busses and building dangle. It’s important to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, like from the viewpoint of something or someone else and image “what if.”

First, look at the pictures below, what does each stone remind you of?

Second, use your imagination to imagine what special powers each stone has.

Third, pick one of the stones and answer the questions next to its picture.

If you were this stone, how might you see the world? How does it feel to be cut in half? How might that affect how you see the world?

What makes up the inside of this stone? Use this to tell its personal story.

Where might this stone live – another planet, deep in a volcano or ocean, etc.? What might you name this stone and why?

What quest did you as this stone take? Tell about your journey.

THINKING DEEPER: Research a stone of your choice. Use this information to write a creative nonfiction story about your stone.