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Creative Thinking Prompt: Build A Snowman Without Snow

Creative Thinking Prompt: Build A Snowman Without Snow





Creative Thinking Prompt: Brainstorm 25 ways to build a snowman without using snow. What are other materials you can use? Take a few ideas from your list and build your snowmen.

Think Deeper: Create a snowman village.

Creative Thinking Prompt: On The Spot Inventions

 recyclingbin tree_PNG3498-2
Creative Thinking Prompt: On The Spot Inventions

1) Collect 5-10 items from your recycling bin. Make sure the items are clean.

2) Take a walk around your home, collecting 5 nature items. Don’t pluck any living plants or animals.

3) Gather items that attach such as glue, paper clips, rubber bands, tape, etc.

4) Spread out all your items so you can observe them. Write down your observations that intrigue you or cause you to wonder.

5) Combine nature and recycled items together to form a new invention. Like a puzzle, imagine these items fitting together. Sketch how these items might go together.

6) Take your chosen items and begin putting them together. You may notice that they don’t fit like you thought they would. That’s okay. Try something else. Imagine something else.

7) Inventions serve a purpose. What is the purpose of your invention? What can it do?

For more ideas on inventing, visit Scholastic:


Create & Design Play Spaces

“Create & Design Play Spaces”

creatingclevercastlesCreating Clever Castles & Cars

       Have you ever been at a child’s birthday party and the child opens the present only to be more interested in the box it was wrapped in rather than the present? For young children, boxes offer unlimited opportunities to use their imaginations. In Creating Clever Castles & Cars, author Mari Rutz Mitchell lays out simple design plans for kids to create their own play spaces using cardboard boxes from castles to animal habitats to things on the go. Step by step directions and decorating suggestions are given for each play space as well as supply lists. Adults may need to help with cutting and gluing depending on the challenge level of 1, 2 or 3. An additional book feature titled “Little Hands Story Corner” offers picture book recommendations (both fiction and nonfiction) for kids to learn more about the subject of the different play spaces. This book promotes creativity, imagination, role-playing and flexible thinking.

TITLE: Creating Clever Castles & Cars

AUTHOR: Mari Rutz Mitchell

ILLUSTRATOR: Michael Kline

PUBLISHER: Williamson Books, 2006


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: creativity, imagination, flexible thinking, role-playing


1) Using your imagination, sketch what else might a cardboard box be converted into.

2) If you have the space or perhaps set up outside, create a town using cardboard boxes.