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Creative Thinking Prompt: You Are The Storyteller: A Coloring Story

Creative Thinking Prompt:

You Are The Storyteller: A Coloring Story

Collect several different coloring books. With an adult’s permission, tear out pages that spark your interest. Color these pages. Combine different mediums such as markers, colored pencils, and ink. Remember it’s okay to color outside the lines. Next embellish these pages with textured 3D objects such as ribbons, buttons, glitter, etc. Once your pages are complete, organize them in such a way that they tell a story. Tell your story to others. You are the storyteller while your pictures are the visual story.

Once Upon An Alphabet


“Once Upon An Alphabet: Short Stories for all the Letters”

Not your traditional ABC book, Once Upon An Alphabet, is original in its artwork and storytelling. Once upon a time there lived a string of letters that strung together form the alphabet. Each letter’s character works hard to form words, which then turn into stories. Oliver Jeffers’ use of humor, alliteration, facts, and storytelling creates adventure from A to Z.

This story promotes originality and imagination.

TITLE: Once Upon An Alphabet

AUTHOR: Oliver Jeffers

PHOTOS By: Oliver Jeffers

PUBLISHER: Philomel Books, 2014


CREATIVE COMPONENTS: originality, imagination


1) Using the first letter of your first name, invent a letter character. Write a story about your letter character.

2) Write an acrostic poem, using the letters in your name.

Asks “what if”

Nestles Books

New World Seeker

Knack for Imagining

Enthusiastically Creates

Lyrical Language and


Explorer of

Yet another library

To learn more about writing acrostic poems, visit:



To learn more about author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers, visit:


To journey through worlds created by Oliver Jeffers, visit Oliver Jeffers interactive website and click on a character:


Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Surprise


Creative Thinking Prompt: Jelly Bean Surprise

Write the word ‘bean’ at the top of a piece of lined paper. Brainstorm 25 things related to ‘bean.’ Then think up five more.

bean stalk

jelly bean

lima bean

pinto bean

bean sprout

black bean

refried beans

string beans

green bean

bean bag chair

bean bag

Pick five or more from your list and write a story using the title, Jelly Bean Surprise. Your chosen items can be characters, part of the story problem, part of the solution, part of the setting, etc.

As you write, remember that stories have a beginning (character has a problem), middle (character attempts to solve problem), and end (character solves the problem). When you’re finished, share your story, if you’d like.